A list of popular and useful posts

Let’s build the sustainable trans feminist communist revolution.

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Popular and useful posts

The following are either the most popular posts I’ve written or ones that I most frequently refer people to.

On learning and practicing Maoism

What Maoism has to offer the world

How to learn everything a communist ought to know, from the beginning

Some suggestions on how to help others in your area become Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organizers

MLM is not an identity, and treating MLM as an identity means you are not a Maoist or even a Marxist

One list of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist classics and three other MLM reading guides

The General Political Line of the Communist Party of Peru

Strategy: Why we have no choice but to fight, and how we can win

A brief but thorough explanation of why armed revolution is necessary to end the abject suffering on this planet

Notes for a piece called something like “Who we’re up against and why they won’t go down without a fight”

How we can actually bring socialism to the united states

Why did capitalism come back in the socialist countries?

An attempt at an accessible, jargon-free explanation of how capitalism returned in the socialist countries of the 20th century

A few thoughts on the restoration of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in a socialist country

Why I think the people were genuinely in power in the socialist countries of the twentieth century, and why these examples reveal the route forward for humanity

Six ways you have to contextualize the socialist countries of the 20th century if you want to really understand

Understanding “refugees from socialism” in the context of disgruntled Confederates in the u.s. civil war

Problems with anarchism

On the typical anarchist rejection of nuance in discussing the USSR and the PRC

A fatal criticism of the anarchist road to communism based on the necessity of the party in order for society to transform itself after the revolution

On the tension between worker-control-of-their-own-workplaces-ism and true socialization in a socialist economy

Communist ecology, capitalist ecocide, environmental catastrophe

The ecocide at the heart of capitalism: or, Why a profit-driven system can literally never solve global warming

The wild green communist cities of the future: On abolishing the distinction between country and city, between agriculture and industry

We must immediately begin to explain that the communist road offers a future for humanity even in the face of vast ecological crisis

Against electoral politics and reformism

Now that Sanders has lost,

The people alone are the motive force of history, and “Why not both voting and organizing?” is self-contradictory liberalism

Why it is harmful to advocate a vote for Clinton “to stop Trump” in our work to destroy fascism and capitalism

Against “market socialism”: Rebutting Richard Wolff on worker cooperatives versus a planned economy

On identity-reductionism and brocialism (chauvinist “Marxism”)

On identity-reductionism vs. experience-inclusive revolutionary theory

Racist, gender, and ableist oppressions make up a huge portion of class oppression

Mao’s rebuttal of identity reductionism: Why it is not only acceptable but absolutely necessary that communists of all class backgrounds go among the working class

It is counterrevolutionary to demand that organizers withhold criticism from other organizers who face different types or degrees of oppression

On the incoherence of ordering someone to “self crit,” the arrogance and hostility of mechanical materialists, and one reason “tankies” is a good word for these dogmatists

Other things about Marxism/Maoism

How we can create a society without “power-seeking,” and how we can create a “morally good” society despite the fact that human beings can never act from 100% non-selfish motives

On Maoism’s ability to incorporate and be strengthened by what is sometimes called spirituality (and a follow-up post that gets further into some ways I think these things fit into Maoism)

The role of the people’s party under socialism in the masses’ conscious transformation of themselves: A metaphor with holograms

When the world’s masses are armed and armed with Maoism, communism will be safe: A culture of cultural revolution

Some thoughts on white workers and the problems with “Third-Worldism”

A response to “don’t markets allow for more freedom of choice than planning by some central committee?”

Some thoughts on the all-pervading anticommunist propaganda in middle-class society, and on how our souls offer contradictory evidence to it

Personal political history

A not so terribly long and hopefully somewhat engaging story about how a libertarian became a communist

On the intermixture of embarrassment and anger I feel in looking back on my having bought into liberalism for so long

Some incomplete thoughts on addiction and communism

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