Something from January 9:

I’m very near the end of “Fire and Fury.” The book’s whole deal is to try to show again and again that Trump is in some way mentally unfit and that his family, who have helped to run his presidency, are also hapless fools.

But really, the whole preening bourgeois circus extends miles beyond these few characters in the White House. All the liberal celebrities eager at the thought of Oprah becoming president, these liberal politicians claiming to #Resist Trump, are fools. The author of this book is a fool. The closest thing to a protagonist in this seemingly anti-Trump book is Bannon, a fascist. And though the liberal bourgeoisie may claim not to support the same policies as Bannon, instead they’re breeding fascism through their relentless harping on Russia and facilitating the growth and arming of groups like Daesh.

There is less room at the top year after year in falling U.S. imperialism, so the disputes, as they shove each other around for room, are getting much sharper. It’s all a massive decadent, childish, egotistical spectacle. The whole thing would be pathetic if not for the fact that it also keeps hundreds of millions of people in living, ongoing torture while burning the planet up. The book tries to paint all the apparatchiks–Mueller, Comey, Obama, the establishment people–as being basically grown-ups, basically sober. But these people are decadent in that they have lost their souls–they all have the “police personality,” flattened emotionally, dried up, paternal. They salute the flag, offer fake smiles and wave, and arrange for fascist death squads.

None of these people have anything to offer humanity. They cannot even think. All they can do is react. They can all be utterly destroyed, right here in the belly of the beast, if we dare to make it happen.