A crucial point in adapting the wisdom from spiritual traditions into Maoism

From A Basic Understanding of the Communist Party of China:

“To conscientiously change our world outlook and completely adhere to the Party ideologically, we must also plunge into the three great revolutionary movements of class struggle, the struggle for production and scientific experiment, and strive to change our world outlook in the process of these struggles. Facts show that only by standing in the forefront of class struggle and the two-line struggle can we grasp and make use of the characteristics and laws of class struggle in socialist society and increase our ability to distinguish genuine Marxism from sham. On the question of remoulding one’s world outlook, Liu Shao-chi peddled his trash on “self-cultivation” and advocated “shutting oneself up in one’s little room.” Lin Piao contended it was necessary to “launch revolution in our innermost being.” This nonsense totally negates the importance of social practice as well as the importance of studying Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought to remould one’s world outlook; it is pure idealistic apriorism.”

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