There’s this moment in human history yet to come that i imagine sometimes, this moment like, just five years after we seal our win over capitalism, like we’re not at full communism yet (which i can’t even imagine), but this moment it sets in on the broad masses of humanity that we did it, that the nightmare is over, and the realization dawning on the broad masses of humanity that we collectively have saved ourselves, and the creativity and joy that that will spread across the whole species, in all our work, how invigorated and grateful and excited we will all feel. how patient but utterly dedicated we will be in carrying the work forward to continue to transform society. when i remember in gratefulness that that is the master i serve, when we remember that, i think it shines through us, and the masses can see that in us and see that we are different from the world that they have seen up to this point, and we can show them that they can see that in themselves as well, and that is how it will spread. i hear from my comrades who know the revolutionaries in the Philippines well that you can see this light shining through them. i think you can see it just from little glimpses we see of the revolutionaries in “Red Ant Dream” (and you should watch it!) and from the videos of people you see during the Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution in China in “How Yukong Moved the Mountains.”

i don’t want to keep losing sight of this beautiful thought, which grounds me and gives my life the deepest purpose it can have.