Racist, gender, and ableist oppressions make up a huge portion of class oppression

Racial oppression makes up a huge portion of class oppression, gender oppression makes up a huge portion of class oppression. i can speak with less certainty about it, but ableist oppression likely also makes up a huge portion of class oppression.

that is, a large part of the oppression that forces the workers of the working class to be workers looks like oppression of them as black brown or indigenous, or as nonmale, or as LGBT, or as disabled.

the essence of oppression is a denial of options for making a living–a denial of pathways for survival. only when sufficiently many pathways are denied is someone forced to work for a capitalist for a wage.

and so if gender oppression disappeared immediately, suddenly a bunch of people would have new options for surviving, all of which would hurt the ability of capitalists to profit–for instance they would have enough resources to afford to risk organizing and going on strike, or they could quit and start small businesses to support themselves, or just quit or reduce their hours and live off of resources that the system is currently wasting.

this is absolutely the same with racial oppression, and ableist oppression.

another thing that would happen if these oppressions–especially gender oppression–stopped, is a bunch of people would immediately stop doing a bunch of “social reproduction” labor for free. they would stop having babies or providing childcare to please other people, they would stop doing free emotional labor (that is, helping process stress and trauma) for people in their lives whom they don’t truly feel fully supported by or connected to, they would stop cleaning for free, etc. etc. etc. and soon the workforce would start to deteriorate and explode–because the people who take care of it for free right now would have stopped doing so. someone would have to pay for all of these things to be done, which would ultimately mean even more money coming out of the capitalist class’s pockets.