A note on liberalism after getting shoved by a liberal because I was being verbally “violent”

At a rally to deny a platform to fascists earlier, a liberal got in my face and was pushing on me because I (repeatedly) told a fascist to follow his leader and shoot himself like Adolf Hitler.

At the time I didn’t think anything of him shoving me–that’s just how liberals are–but in retrospect, isn’t it fucking wild? They’re so insistent on keeping the protest even *verbally* “peaceful” that they’re gonna put hands on someone to keep it that way.

This is the purest expression of liberalism imaginable. Such absurd, unbridled arrogance. This is what it looks like to be cradled and pampered by capitalism’s ideological control system for one’s entire life. To be so utterly devoted to avoiding violent disruptions (to their comfort) that they don’t even see how their principles mayyybe should preclude putting hands on someone. They don’t, of course, because their first, baseline principle is that not everyone is as pure as them–they are the ones who Know Better. It’s really no different from how liberalism justifies the united states bombing six countries right now–we’re not *at war*–it’s just they’re breaking our peace rules!

The most charitable sentiment I can muster right now toward this individual expression of liberalism is that it’s pathetic. Jon Stewartism (now Trevor Noahism) is as far outside the mainstream as Ayn Randism–which is to say, not at all.

As if each of us didn’t get like twenty lessons on Gandhi and MLK over the course of public schooling. Damn, such a radical new philosophy, “violence breeds violence.” I bet you came up with that all by yourself, didn’t you?