You cannot meditate colonialism away, you cannot use love to trump fascism: A letter to liberals, November 2016


To liberals:

Your world is being ripped in two, and on both sides are people who understand that everything is an illusion but power.

We communists have always been trying to build the world you claim to be working for, but, as we have said for decades, the thing standing in our way is the guns of imperialists and fascists.

Communists and fascists are not the same thing. If we were, the first thing the Nazis did wouldn’t have been to round us up and shoot us. We oppose fascists, we stand on the side of full self-determination for oppressed people, of ending the power of wealth. We stand for the death of patriarchy. We stand for full queer and trans liberation.

You are torn right now, you are pulled on by a fever-dream where you can have capitalism and amerika but somehow defeat privilege. but it is capitalism and amerika that perpetuate privilege.

your whole strategy, your whole paradigm is dead and should be buried. you cannot dismantle fascism or vote it out. you cannot “dismantle” white supremacy. we will not “dismantle” capitalism. they’re not these placid machines we can walk up to and, with critical theory and hashtags, loosen a few bolts and voila! white supremacy dismantled!

you have been living in a dream. amerika exported violence into the ghettos and the so-called Third World. but it is back for us in the form of the SS that Donald Trump is rallying. it was never gone, it was just out of sight and papered over.

violence has been done in your name your whole life, and you voiced words to justify it. don’t beat yourself up for too long–we all did. but please admit that you were gravely, deadly wrong. amerika is and has always been nothing more than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the fascists he is rallying, and the drone-bombing Hillary supported. that was what created the suburbs. these things and nothing more are the essence of amerika. a future for humanity lies outside of it and beyond it.

i love y’all. i love that you love justice. i love that you love peace. but guess what? we communists love peace and justice, too.

we love it so much that we sought insatiably to solve the riddle of why–why is there peace in the suburbs, but no peace on earth? we came to the conclusion that the problem was capitalism and amerika.

we love peace and justice so much that we have put our lives on the line–because if the fascists who are now rising and organizing do take power, you best fucking believe they will straight up execute us. that’s how much we love peace and justice–we have put our names out there and you better believe we’re on their lists. look up Operation Condor, look up Fred Hampton, read “It Did Happen Here” if you don’t believe me. check out the first group named in that “first they came for the ____” poem if you don’t believe me.

the moral high ground does not belong to those who have timidly refused seek out the root of the great injustice in the world, nor does it belong to those who turn inward and try to “decolonize their own minds” rather than recognize that colonialism is not primarily a mental phenomenon–the primary form that colonialism takes is pigs with guns, both inside the police and the military and outside–and we have set about trying to find ways to smash them.

you cannot meditate colonialism away. you cannot make beautiful paintings and songs until colonialism goes away. you cannot share long-reads until fascism goes away. the only thing for it now is to build a Maoist communist party. this is the only way for those who love justice to win against fascism and capitalism, which breeds it. study the Chinese Communist Revolution, the Maoists in India, and the Communist Party of the Philippines if you don’t believe me.

we can point you toward the resources. we will host the study groups and the discussions. we will make it as accessible as you ask. but recognize that only one kind of work will actually smash this menace. nothing will stop it but organized power. the only power on earth that has ever and will ever destroy fascism and imperialism is the communist movement.