We must immediately begin to explain that the communist road offers a future for humanity even in the face of vast ecological crisis


As climate change and resource shortages start to devastate this planet worse than they already have–and they will, and most of us will live to see it get very severe–there will be a profound despair among a lot of people. And we communists have to have a vision for another world beyond these things. And without a doubt there will be some truly difficult technological challenges in preserving a mass civilization on this planet.

But believe, we can do it. If we have to live under climate-controlled domes and grow our crops inside of these cities, believe, we will do it, and we will make these cities very good places to live. We can and will slowly but surely pull all the carbon out of the air and bury it back under the ground, and slowly but surely break down every last toxin we ever poured into the rivers. We can and will find a way to recycle everything, literally everything. Humanity can and will survive what is coming, and we will prosper, in harmony with the rest of the planet at last and nevertheless continuing to develop.

We communists have to be the ones to offer the solution, to reassure our human family that there is a future, there is a world that we can fight for and win–and in fact, we will. We have to be the ones who can say, as we follow the communist road, your children and your children’s children and all the generations after them, they will be safe and live good lives, they will not live in the hell that all other roads promise us. We can and will build a free, sustainable, and truly democratic world where people breathe fresh air, drink pure water, and eat healthy food, and it will even be much better than it is now. We have to help people understand that this is true. And because this is already a concern among the people, we should start right now.