On the massive use of George Orwell’s shallow leftism to sell racist, anti-communist stereotypes

Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four,” read by a huge portion of u.s. citizens in public high school, was written in 1948, a year before the Chinese revolution took state power.

In the book, the totalitarian governing system that “Eastasia” is said to have is called “Death Worship” or “Obliteration of the Self.”

I wonder where so many people in the u.s. get the idea that the revolutionary movement in China was a mass, cult-like movement of unthinking, insectoid, Asiatic hordes?

And remember, Orwell called himself a leftist, so surely that would make the imperialist u.s. government *very* reluctant to embrace any book he wrote!

Surely Orwell calling himself a leftist could never provide ideal cover for casting racist slander on the largest liberation movement of the twentieth century, encompassing hundreds of millions of people!

Surely this super-duper subversive book ends up in the curriculum of so many u.s. public schools on its sheer poetic and philosophical value alone, despite the imperialist u.s. government’s strong reluctance.

It could *never* be because it’s the ideal mechanism for making people believe they know something about socialism despite not reading any actual historical accounts of day-to-day life in a socialist society–right?