The role of the people’s party under socialism in the masses’ conscious transformation of themselves: A metaphor with holograms

party hologram patriarchy

Only when the people have [a people’s] state can they educate and remold themselves by democratic methods on a countrywide scale.
—Mao Zedong

The other day I was in a study group and tried to use holograms as a metaphor to talk about the crucial role played by the people’s party under socialism in the process of the masses consciously transforming themselves and all of society.

The aspect of holograms I was talking about was the fact that..

“Every part of a hologram contains the image of the whole object. You can cut off the corner of a hologram and see the entire image through it. For every viewing angle you see the image in a different perspective, as you would a real object. Each piece of a hologram contains a particular perspective of the image, but it includes the entire object.” (

So for instance, with a mass campaign to end patriarchy, the people’s party encourages and creates room for the gender-oppressed masses in every last corner of society to rebel–in every farm and factory, school and university, village and city, in every home and commune, relationship and family, and in the people’s party itself–to rebel against their oppression, to fight it and name it and struggle to understand it and end it.

Patriarchy plays out differently in each corner of society, but it pervades them all. If you study each different case you will learn new details about how, concretely, the *whole system* of patriarchy functions and reproduces itself. So the people’s party gathers people’s experiences from as many cases as possible, and then–and this is crucial–*concentrates* and analyzes the incredible diversity of experiences it has gathered to tease out the finest possible nuances, to draw out the subtle and deep general from the countless particulars.

**The more sections of society it hears from, and especially the more it hears from the most oppressed sections**, the higher “resolution” the “image” will be–that is, the clearer its understanding will be of exactly and concretely how patriarchy operates.

Then, it provides this deeper, more concentrated, more powerful feminism back to all women, non-men, and LGBT people–including those in the party itself–who then take what they find valid and useful in it and use it as a tool and weapon to even more thoroughly, confidently, and powerfully push forward their revolution against patriarchy.

And this sharpened struggle will again play out in an incredible diversity of ways in all the various corners of society, as previously un-grasped and un-attacked manifestations of patriarchy are now struggled against. And once again all these diverse experiences will be gathered back up, and the people’s party will then formulate an even deeper picture of what patriarchy is, and re-transmit this even sharper feminism back to society, and so on, over and over.

Let no one gainsay it–this process is totally essential to curing humanity of patriarchy, white supremacy, and all other forms of systemic oppression. We have no chance of extinguishing them without it.

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