President Hillary Clinton as the symbol by which the masses will represent to themselves the bitterness of neocolonialism



After November, I’m expecting a mass movement–or at least a broad and deep undercurrent–that starts to focus directly on Hillary Clinton herself as the symbol and most revealing manifestation of the whole problem.

There is going to be such a bitterness from so many quarters, and she will face it again and again, and then the way she responds–the only way she will ever respond–will only deepen the people’s bitterness.

What I’m trying to talk about results from three things:

first, the people’s long pain: from a recession that never ended for the working poor–from terrorist cops and reactionaries that have harassed and murdered black, brown, trans, and disabled people relentlessly–from hipster and tech gentrifiers who sound and act more and more like literal colonizers every passing year; second, from the frustrated disillusionment the people have learned after the shockingly rapid hope-disappointment cycle that has burned the people again and again–Obama, Occupy, BLM, Sanders; third, from Hillary Clinton’s unparalleled mastery of all the system’s forms of illusion–master of phony Democratic “progress” rhetoric, co-opter of feminism, co-opter of “social justice.”

She is so good at covering over bullshit as usual. President Hillary Clinton would have been totally acceptable 15 years ago. But since then there has been so much pain, and already so much deceit of every species to try to smooth over it, that her skills still won’t be enough to cover for all of it.

And in this spillover, in this insufficiency of even her best attempts, the full magnitude of both aspects of the system will be sharply revealed: on one hand, the flabbergasting scale and depth of the deceit; on the other, the vastness and profoundness of the injustice and suffering it suddenly fails to conceal. Her name will be the slogan for the problem.

She will embody it; she will embody both the whole world of pain, and the massive but at last insufficient deceit that attempts to cover it. She will be the symbol of the whole of bourgeois society, of the final vapidity and selfish disgustingness of liberalism, of everything the people will be quite sure has to be totally destroyed.