I’m editing this book about how food was used in early modern Spain as a way of signifying class position and things like that, which, that alone is interesting. It’s one of the more interesting books I’ve edited.

But so I’m reading this section about crops from the so-called Americas being incorporated, and I’m imagining, like, ..

.. you’re a peasant, you’re like 40, and you’ve lived in the same small area your whole life, and you will never travel to another continent. But some important person comes through one day and says you’re gonna grow a new crop.

And you sow these seeds, and then corn grows. And you’ve never seen corn before.
I’m just imagining a Spanish peasant just taking a long moment to stare at the corn, which you have to admit is an interesting-looking plant, and thinking like, this crop–this crop from an entirely different world. How strange.