Some thoughts on the revolutionary outlook for the u.s. in mid-March 2016

– Apparently a lot of the foot-soldiers of the anti-Trump protest that closed the Trump rally in Chicago tonight were Sanders supporters. That makes me pretty optimistic, to be honest. It makes me think that there is a significant section of the masses that is militant, extremely frustrated with the system, and angry with fascists. That shows great promise for the communist movement in this country.

– Clinton being offered as the “left” candidate seems .. well, after the disappointment of Obama’s hope and change, after Occupy, after#blacklivesmatter, after Sanders’s campaign, I think the illusion is extraordinarily thin. It’s thin both because the broader left expected more change from each of those mass movements as well as because Hillary Clinton is SO transparently a self-serving member of the Establishment. I think there will be a deep bitterness that will crystallize around the very concept, the very name of Hillary Clinton. Her very probable presidency shows what a sham bourgeois politics is. I think this will cause or help precipitate a rupture. Your points about how other *seemingly* grassroots parts of the Establishment (such as Daily Kos) joining with the Clinton campaign is also helping show *their* bankruptcy. Where Occupy was overly economistic, I think there is a mass awareness being born of the way the *political* system is rigged, and *how* it is rigged.

– More or less on that note, I think the Establishment seems increasingly out of touch even to the majority of people in the u.s. It seems aloof and foolish and childish. It is looking more and more like the type of government that the masses have historically risen up to overthrow.

– Trump is uniting a fascist movement, and that is extremely dangerous. But I believe I am also seeing the far left uniting more as well and making better efforts to struggle out our differences, because it is much harder for many people to treat it like a game now. The first group in that famous “first they came for the ___s but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a ____” poem-thing is “communist”–and so I think there is now a genuine unity being won through struggle, struggle that is happening out of a new perceived awareness of the reality and danger of fascism. I don’t think internet communists will be exempt from getting on the fascists’ lists just because all they did was post memes, and I think a lot of internet communists are becoming aware of that.

– I think there is a slowly growing revolutionary pole emerging within the renewed black liberation struggle. The criticisms of the cooptation of BLM by careerists are growing louder. One thing I hadn’t noticed until now but which now seems very significant to me is the support of black moderates for Clinton. The inevitable disenchantment they will experience with a Clinton presidency will create new opportunities as well, though I’m not really educated enough to guess at more than that.

– The wobble that will lead to a revolutionary moment is in the system now, and probably nothing can remove it. There are cracks of light shining through. The renewed talk about the Panthers, as toned-down and commodified as it may be, shows that their legacy is alive. And in all honesty, one of the best representatives of their legacy is the growing MLM movement in this country, which means great opportunity for us.