Some thoughts on the nature of the rightness of rebelling against reactionaries


since our corrupt society twists us and makes us crooked, forces us to grow distortedly in poisonous soil and too little light, then it is literally rebelling against reactionaries that rectifies us, that makes us purer, that helps us bend back upright and become better and stronger and as we naturally would be, instead of remaining distorted versions of ourselves. it is *rectifying* to rebel against reactionaries.

and not only that, but to rebel is morally upstanding. to rebel frees not only ourselves but it weakens the reactionaries, freeing those around us as well. it is noble to rebel. it is loving to rebel against reactionaries.

to rebel is right also because it is wise. it is prudent to rebel, because when we rebel, reactionaries are weakened, giving others more room to rebel as well. their rebellion in turn liberates us more, and allows *us* to rebel even *more* thoroughly, and so on. to rebel is wise because it is the way toward universal freedom. it may seem like listening to our fear and being timid is prudent, but in fact it is ultimately a recipe for defeat and failure. we can only win if we fight. we will never be free unless we rebel.

it is rectifying, loving, and wise to rebel against reactionaries.