Posted this to my Facebook as the accompanying text to an article criticizing the COP21 climate deal in Paris. I think it has a certain rhetorical power. The first two paragraphs are also probably the most concisely (and maybe clearly) I’ve ever expressed the irrevocably ecocidal nature of capitalism.

In a system that demands competition for profit from all countries and corporations and subjects the losers to domination or (in the case of corporations) destruction, no country or corporation will choose a more costly, less profitable method of doing business.

That is why capitalism is utterly unable to solve whole-planet problems like climate change, or ocean acidification, or desertification, or groundwater depletion, or peak oil–because even if all the countries of the world sign a real deal instead of this sham, everyone is incentivized to cheat, because the cost of not cheating if even a few others decide to cheat is to swiftly be ruined or dominated.

So if you like the idea of human civilization overcoming these global problems and you’re not yet against capitalism, you may want to ponder the far-out concept that overcoming a chronic and system-wide problem requires switching to a different system.

And frankly, if you like the notion of human civilization continuing to exist in 100 years’ time and you’ve noticed that the mainstream media is willing to tell the biggest of lies when it comes to ensuring the super-rich’s profits (e.g., WMDs in Iraq), you may want to pause for a couple of moments and ask yourself whether you’re *totally* sure that everything you grew up hearing about the planned economies of the 20th century went down exactly how you were taught.

Because if you’re willing to entertain the totally outlandish idea that the super-rich who run our planet might spread some lies and suppress the truth about a political movement that intends to totally undo their wealth and power, you may want to mosey on over to the Debunking Anti-Communism Masterpost and see whether maybe, *possibly*, the u.s. education system and corporate-controlled media didn’t quite do you right: