Some comments on the first Democratic primary debate for the 2016 elections from afterward, the night of

* Sanders talks about how to “transform America” to be more like a Scandinavian country.

[The United States’s wealth came from and continues to come from imperialism, and average amerikans helped to invade those foreign countries and manage the empire. Sanders’ main argument is that average amerikans deserve a bigger cut of the spoils we rob from the rest of the planet.]

* Sanders says there’s too much wealth inequality in the United States.

* Sanders mentions “casino capitalism.”

[By mentioning “capitalism with adjectives” (e.g., vulture, casino, crony, gangster, monopoly), Sanders signals that he has no problem with capitalism as such, despite the fact that it cannot avoid generating the wealth inequality he has based his entire campaign around opposing:]

* Sanders says the “backbone of the American economy” is small and medium-sized businesses.

[The backbone of the U.S. economy is imperialism. See, for instance, Eduardo Galeano, “Open Veins of Latin America,”… and John Perkins, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,”…]

* Sanders says he is “not a pacifist,” that he supported the war in Afghanistan, that he is “prepared to take this country into war.” He says that, regarding Syria, he wants a “coalition of our countries” involved in any action.

[The United States never bombs or arms or invades anyone unless it advances U.S. hegemonic interests. Sanders is indicating that he is down to advance U.S. hegemonic interests, and is signaling to the capitalist class and U.S. allies that they can very much count on a continuation of the status quo from him.]

* Sanders says he supported U.S. military action “against ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.”

[The genocide got worse after U.S. intervention. See and…/1228-60how-capitalism-caused-…]

* Sanders say he is “sick and tired of hearing about [Hillary Clinton’s] damned emails.”

* Sanders says “my Republican friends have some amnesia on [the issue of Iraq.]”

[Sanders is fulfilling his role in the Jesse Jackson / Dennis Kucinich / Howard Dean mold of drawing in disenchanted voters on the left end of the spectrum and getting them to think as Democrats so that when he loses the primary to Hillary, they will accept his endorsement of her.…

He is also very consciously shoring up support for the electoral system over any other method of making political change, putting into practice Chomsky’s dictum that “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”]

* Sanders blames wealth inequality on the “greed of Wall Street.”

[Sanders has studied capitalism, and he understand that the problem is not individual motivation but systemic inevitability. He is consciously selling a lie that capitalism can be reformed when he knows it cannot be.]

* Sanders claims that “Wall Street regulates Congress” and claims that we’ve “gotta break up these banks” as though that would be a solution.

* Sanders claims that he has “taken on every special interest there is in Washington.”

[Concentrated wealth itself is a special interest, and its special interest is the continuation of capitalism, and Sanders has no desire to abolish private fortunes, which he will tell you himself. This country has been a democracy for the top capitalists and a dictatorship for everyone else from before the time of its founding. It was founded being ruled by the capitalist class (the real name Sanders refuses to apply to what he calls “the billionaire class”), and it continues to be ruled by the capitalist class to this day. Wealth is power, and concentrated wealth will always be concentrated political power, and no law can make it otherwise. See:

1. Howard Zinn, “A People’s History of the United States,”

2. “In what ways is wealth power, and how do the wealthy use it to support capitalism?”

3. William Domhoff, “Who Rules America?”…]

* Chafee looks like both Bill Maher and Emperor Palpatine.

[Or at least, that’s what he reminded me of.]

* All the candidates talk about climate change and their solutions, including Sanders. Sanders claims that the “fossil fuel lobby is funding climate change.”

[By suggesting that capitalism can be reformed to solve climate change, Sanders is selling a lie that, by prolonging the widespread recognition of the real root of the problem, puts global civilization at greater risk. Climate change and ecological devastation, which are system-wide issues, simply cannot be solved within a global system in which large-scale economic decisions are made in a zero-sum fashion according to what is profitable for some subset of the system:…/the-ecocide-at-the-hear…/]