On not putting in work for Sanders’s campaign

From August 8

Y’all who are complaining about them attacking Sanders because you think they’re secretly supporting Clinton–do you really think [this page] has nicer words for Clinton? Of course they don’t. Those words don’t even need to be said–you already know what they think of Clinton.

You want them to ease up on Sanders because you’re still caught in this “we can elect our way out of this problem” trap. We can’t. We’ll never vote this problem away. We will never vote this problem away. We will NEVER vote this problem away.

What will solve this problem is building power in oppressed communities, Panther style, MXGM style. It will take a long time. We who want a real solution for EVERYONE (and not just a few goodies for the middle class) know that Sanders can’t get us there. Would he be better for the struggle than one of the clowns who debated yesterday? Maybe. And honestly, maybe not. France has been electing “socialists” for a long time–see any end to poverty and racism over there? See any huge liberation struggle grow out of the election of these “socialists” over there? I don’t. But even if he would be a hair better, we will never vote this problem away.

And anyone who speaks out in support of Sanders without mentioning that he gets on board with amerikan imperialism and Israeli apartheid is themselves supporting that imperialism and that apartheid.

We will never vote this problem away. “The best candidate we have” upholds U.S. imperialism and white supremacy around the world. The people who still think we can vote this problem away–or who, worse, only give a fuck about the middle class–are going to put into office whoever they put into office.

There are a lot fewer of us who realize that we can’t vote our way out of the problem, and we shouldn’t waste our time doing the exact same thing as those who are still caught up. We should be pressing where they won’t press. We should spend our time doing what they won’t do. Whether or not you take 20 minutes out of some day a few months from now to vote for Sanders in the primary or even the general election is beside the point.

If you’re awake, don’t waste your time promoting Sanders. People who are still dreaming the amerikan dream are going to do plenty of that. We should do something different–in addition to building power in oppressed communities around us brick by brick and fighting U.S. imperialism, we should be waking people up from any illusion that we can vote our way out of this problem–and that involves letting people know that Sanders is an imperialist, that he will not “bring us closer” in any important sense, and that there is more productive work to be done elsewhere, and far too few people willing to do it.