A response I wrote when I got annoyed by someone online saying, “Care to name the colonies Norway exploited? I’ll wait” when confronted with the claim that the high standard of living in Norway is due to exploitation

From August 23

Scandinavia has always been part of European imperialism. From the dawn of imperialism, in the genocide against the indigenous people of the Americas and the mass kidnapping and enslavement of African people, right on down to today, the Scandinavian countries have put up funds and reaped ample rewards for their investment.

The Scandinavian countries contribute troops and other support to NATO, which has historically (http://anticapitalismfaq.com/kh/) been a tool of imposing Western imperialism on the rest of the world. They house prisoners in secret sites and aid in global surveillance projects for the CIA and other intelligence agencies who are prosecuting the War on Terror–again, an excuse to raid poorer countries for resources and cheap labor. They are active members of the IMF and the World Bank, which keep dozens of countries throughout the world in perpetual indentured servitude. Not to mention, they are just as racist as the rest of the European sphere in the world, prejudiced against people in the rest of the world and against immigrants–it is not surprising to hear that they would be down to participate in the imperialist project.

Let’s examine a similar case real quick: When we talk about the imperialists of the United States and Europe, we are referring most of all to the incredibly wealthy capitalists who profit off of the exploitation of the rest of the world. Of course, they aren’t the literal people who were up in other people’s countries–it was other, poorer people who went in with guns. But it was the capitalists who paid the people with guns, and the capitalists who got the benefit. Can you not see that this exploitation and violence would not have been possible without the financing, support, and direction of the capitalists? Is it in any way unfair to call these capitalists imperialists even though they didn’t do the shooting?

If you can see that, then can you see that Scandinavia has played a direct if not central role in imperialism? After all, do you know where the raw materials come from that they use to make all their cell phones and other high-tech gadgets and such that are so important in their economies? Take a guess. Do you think the people producing them are getting paid a fair wage? Take a guess. Do you think they have humane work conditions and unpolluted homes? Take a guess.

Scandinavia has participated in imperialism, and that is why it is wealthy, just like the rest of Europe.