From August 28

Bernie Sanders supporters, read this if you value your integrity:

What kind of socialist is Bernie Sanders? Well, what kind of socialist was FDR? FDR proposed and carried out far more extreme wealth distribution than Sanders is proposing. So surely if Sanders is a socialist, FDR was, too.

But if FDR was a socialist, he wasn’t a very good one. Wealth inequality is now worse than it was before FDR took office. Everyone who is excited about Bernie, if they are indeed a socialist–that is, if they declare proudly that they do care about guaranteeing certain things to literally everyone in society–should honestly ask themselves this question: how can we get the wealth redistributed and have it STAY that way? Otherwise it is about what’s good for you–NOT what’s good for your children and grandchildren.

What can this ultimately boil down to but a question of political power? Since, yes, FDR’s wealth redistribution has been completely reversed, the only logical conclusion is that people who desire great wealth inequality have had political power ever since. We Marxists would say that the biggest capitalists, whom we call the bourgeoisie, have a dictatorship over our country. That is, they have full power to change politics in the way they care about. The biggest capitalists’ first collective concern is staying in charge; their second collective concern is growing their wealth. The years since FDR should make it obvious we have a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

So if you want the wealth inequality to STAY low and the social programs to stay in place for good, you must support the opposite: you must support putting the people in charge and having it stay that way. And it is obvious that we would have to avoid letting the capitalists ever come to power again–they have shown themselves relentless in trying to disempower the people and empower and enrich themselves. The people, if they are to remain in charge, have to be unable to be thrown off. If you want a lasting solution to poverty and oppression, you must admit that you want a dictatorship of the people, or what we Marxists would call a dictatorship of the proletariat.

So if you aren’t just looking out for yourself–if you are a real socialist–I encourage you to really study the problem, study history, and grapple with this issue of how we can achieve a dictatorship of the proletariat.

If you aren’t willing to really look into and talk with others about the question of achieving lasting power for the people, I say you have no right to call yourself a socialist, and you should admit that you really only care about your own self-interest.