Poetry is how you speak
universally. Poetry
will never say who you are longing for.
Poetry will never rat on you.
Poems will only shine for you,
ring like a bell for you,
they will make your whole being sound all-one, as though cast in a copper mold.
Even though you are a tree, fibrous but broken at every point,
poems will make a bell of you.
They will draw attention toward
your carefully painted eyes.
Poems will lead people from the beautiful agitation of your painted eyes
to your lips.

some thoughts on cultural revolution

We like, we want a state in command not only of all proletarians but sort of fundamentally controlled by the “lowest and deepest” sections, whichever groups that have historically had the hardest time getting true equality for whatever reason and are therefore most encoruaged to fight on till communism and can be counted on to keep the fight toward it on most deeply and enthusiastically and dutifully and ingeniously.

and maybe also because of the nature of their being “lowest and deepest” (whatever that means), the only way to preserve a dictatorship that adequately includes their class is by building it so profoundly democratically (that is v abstract i know, but intentionally abstract bc what it means in practice is precisely what i want to try to think + learn more about) that it always does “pick them up” equally with all other participants in the democratic process even tho they are still structurally oppressed (by any kind of means) within the sociopoliticaleconomic structure of the system.

maybe that means something like, proactively and disproportionately including non-men and non-white people and gender-noncofmring people into the cultural revolutionary process and recruiting disproportionately into the party and into the party leadership over non-oppressed groups.

and if there are people doing certain kinds of jobs/labor who also sort of seem to find themselves systemically excluded from the democratic process they should also be disproportionately represented in the party and party leadership until the structural inequality there has vanished.