Parts of my reply to a comment on the /r/climate post of “The ecocide at the heart of capitalism”

I know I sound maybe a little jerky in here, but I thought it might be helpful.

> the “utopic system” that needs to exist (but probably never will) will be a blend/compromise.

A “mixture” of capitalism with socialism is just capitalism. Social programs are not socialism–they are welfare. Socialism is public ownership and control of the means of production. A situation in which, say, an otherwise capitalist country has nationalized the oil industry is still not “a mixture of socialism and capitalism,” because if the government is controlled by the capitalist class, then the industry is not publicly owned and controlled–it is owned and controlled by the capitalist class as a whole.

> We know this hypothetical future system will have to have the biosphere and human well-being/progress at the center, and solving the energy issue will be problem numero uno.

Absolutely, which is why our system cannot include capitalism in it. Capitalism allowed to persist in any part of the economy grows like a cancer, bringing more and more of the economic system into a realm where decisions are made not according to any plan but instead by the chaos that results when discrete blocs of capitalists compete for short- and mid-term profit. Only with a planned economy can we solve this problem.

> The power of corporations (and their subsequent influence in governance) will have to be entirely eliminated,

If we leave concentrated wealth intact, they will use it as a form of power. There is no way to leave the concentrated wealth intact and eliminate its political power. If you disagree, I heartily encourage you to click that link and grapple with the real issues of how we could eliminate every last one of those ways wealth is wielded as power–and for bonus points, tell me how we can get there without overthrowing them in a revolution. Tell me how we will get to a situation in which wealth is no longer power from our current situation, in which wealth is the ONLY power.

> Corporations, through open-source intellectual property sharing can actually create a form of collective-cooperation and healthy competition

This is not how capitalism ever works. I challenge you to name a single moment and region in the last 500 years when capitalism has ever, ever, ever behaved like this. As soon as large-scale blocs of capital exist and are competing, they must resort to all methods of competition, not just legal ones. They must resort to influencing the law to give themselves every advantage possible. The competition for profit doesn’t stop at legality or morality. It doesn’t stop for anything, and as long as they have the power, it won’t stop for anything. If you truly think capitalism can work any differently, I encourage you to read the first five chapters of Zombie Capitalism

> We don’t need a global economic model that’s a race to the bottom to still remain a global economy.

If you preserve private ownership of the means of production, this is how it will remain.