A few quick thoughts about the recording and study of demographic data as a tool in the practice of cultural revolution

This is kind of crudely explained, but I’ve still never heard it put forth, so why not?

The socialist state could record and then analyze actual demographic data about how long various persons and their families and their social groupings have been in power / in the party / how high up in the party they’ve been, how privileged they’ve been economically, and similarly one could pay attention to the other side of the coin, such as how long someone has been working in “realer” or “harder” proletarian labor, how long their family / social grouping has been out of power / away from the party.

And if you kept tabs on all individuals in society in this way,

1. you could monitor the flux that is cultural revolution using hard data (obviously the interpretation of this data is still something the party has to figure out, but it seems productive to have the data and to look at it.)

2. you could (and would have to) start to pay attention to the patterns, like are there types of work or certain regions in the relations of production that produce good mass org members or party members more reliably than others? If so, one could practice cultural revolution not just as a flux between two points or regions–(1) the “lowest and deepest” segment and (2) the top party officials–but in a complicated pattern with many different points or circuits or loci, keeping individuals / families / whole social groupings flowing steadily through those regions of the relations of production that most reliably make people into good communists, or even more specifically, into good people to play specific roles in keeping a country on the path to building communism.

Such complicated things might not be possible, but the simple stuff, like how long has a family been rich or poor–that seems both accessible and immediately useful as data to a country practicing cultural revolution.

And maybe you could also publicize that information in certain ways as a way of letting the public know itself politically-economically, and thereby of allowing the masses to see how successfully cultural revolution is or is not actually being practiced in their country so they know what (hq or not) needs to be bombarded and how.