I’m tired of not saying it when I think it all the time: death to amerika. Death to this crooked, imperialist country. Death to our “national” mythology that glorifies white agrarian capitalist slaveowners. Death to all imperialist countries. The oppressed people of the world mined and built and planted and harvested and assembled and wove everything you own. And we make them keep doing it by killing their leaders and assassinating labor organizers and demonizing their protests and terrorizing them every day of their lives. I’m not saying death to all “Americans”–I’m saying that (white) “Americans” can only have a just relationship with the rest of the world in a new global socialist order, as equals among equal peers, exploiting no one and contributing to the human race instead of breaking its neck.

There is no way to turn amerikkka into that. This land isn’t even ours. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of its citizens do not want to.

You can’t have justice while honoring and clinging to the spoils of the white supremacist “Manifest Destiny,” nor while saying “the past is past” while you still reap the benefits of slavery, nor while spouting some racist bullshit about how “democratic” and “civilized” the United States is.

The Bill of Rights shit we flatter ourselves for is only possible because of the anesthetic luxuries built with raw oppression piped into this country every day. We’re not civilized, we’re sated and pacified–on the loot we’ve taken for centuries and continue to steal at gunpoint to this day. To not see that is, wittingly or not, to uphold the imperialist project, to uphold the “colorblind,” idealist, completely unmaterialist understanding of what makes humans do what they do. You who hurrahed the murder of Gaddafi–look at what your cheering has brought that country–and it’s to keep you sated. You want to live in a fantasy world where the rest of the planet doesn’t have good old American-style civil rights because they’re not smart Euro-descended people. Nope! It’s because it’s hard to hold a country together when it’s poor after centuries of colonialism and imperialism.

And what’s more, that freedom to speak is only for saying shit that upholds the order. When MLK started talking about the necessity of ending capitalism and imperialism alongside ending white supremacy, they murdered him. When Malcolm started talking about ending capitalism and imperialism alongside ending white supremacy, they murdered him. When Fred Hampton, who was only 21 and already a brilliant leader, rallied the most oppressed people in this country to ending capitalism and imperialism alongside ending white supremacy, the cops just walked straight into his house and shot him point blank. They tried to throw Assata into a dungeon for life for nothing at all, and Mumia is still there. When someone in South America or Asia or Africa starts talking about ending capitalism, imperialism, and white supremacy and gets a following, we just march in there and kill them. Everywhere is a dictatorship. It’s either a dictatorship of the rulers or a dictatorship of the people over anyone who wants to try to rule them–either a dictatorship of the proletariat, or a dictatorship of the white supremacist capitalists over everyone else.

There will never be a just amerika. The black, brown, and indigenous people in this country and the oppressed people on the rest of the planet must have returned what we’ve been stealing from them for centuries. The indigenous people must have returned the land we took from them. When all that goes back, there is no amerika left. There is no place for amerika in a just world.