Maybe one of the reasons I like True Detective is I feel like I followed my intellectual route to communism like Cohle did to the difficult-to-imagine-at-first truth of what had actually transpired to make the bizarre thing he observed make sense. But indeed, the true history and nature of capitalism’s functioning is enough to make the incredibly bizarre set of circumstances around us make sense. Communism as the answer is not a savory truth to the public* both in its blessings (e.g., total sexual and racial liberation) and its horrors (e.g., 20,000 starving every day in some very, very small part because they’ve spent so long buying into an even still if you think about it horrifying illusion; the civil wars that are likely on the road to communism). But so far as I can tell–and I have tried to be circumspect–it is the answer.

* my country, ’tis of thee