“Community,” as I so often see it used in Gainesville, is a term that mostly makes people forget that we are not together (com) as one (un). The demographics of Volta patrons and the demographics of tent city or Bo Diddley Plaza’s permanent residents are almost never together-as-one.

In short, I get annoyed with “community” from the mouths of liberals in the same way I do at “buy local.” Sure, buy local, but don’t give yourself even one pat on the back–you are not solving society’s problems in doing so. You are making it a nicer place for other privileged liberals, and not in any way for the poor.

Because Gainesville’s alleged community requires all sorts of class conformity, requires money to participate in, it is a community for the privileged and therefore, ultimately, not only not a place where they are welcomed but in fact an obstacle around which those excluded must navigate.

What I’m saying is, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to hear about Gainesville’s “community” from anyone who doesn’t recognize that we live in a system that necessarily destroys the possibility of a real and inclusive community-of-all-Gainesville.