A materialist understanding of inhumanity and archism

So, I think stress is often (always?) the “stuff” that people “take out on” others. Part of this taking out entails all sorts of cruel/imperious behavior: bullying, manipulating, abuse.

And I think pretty much everyone, under capitalism, is stressed out. We all have to never stop worrying about how we’re going to keep eating in the short- and long-term. Even the bourgeoisie and the labor aristocracy face “social death” and a vastly reduced material existence should they hit $0.

Socialism takes away that really fundamental and primordial stressor of capitalistic life: it’s much harder to really, totally relax if in the back of your mind you’re not trying to figure out something about work, which is always ultimately about keeping afloat economically and thus biologically.

So I think a lot of the dominator culture in today’s world would disappear when that huge amount of stress disappears.

And then we can also work on everything else that’s generating counterproductive/pernicious stress.