Think of the conditions in the gulag and the concentration camp.

Now think of the conditions in the areas where 3 million children under five die every year. Now think of the conditions of the world’s 27 million slaves.

Now think of a high-ranking, competent, charismatic official in the Nazi Party or a wealthy, competent, charismatic businessman in the same regime. Proud, justified—men.

Now think of a high-ranking, competent, charismatic official in the U.S. government or a wealthy, competent, charismatic businessman in the same country. Proud, justified—men.

Think of the relationship between those living in hell on earth and those powerful men. Both necessary parts of the same system.

Just think about how you feel about the Nazis who got rich in their system. That same look is in Republican faces. They’re right. The patriarchical Euro-American capitalist market system is right.

We live in the trap, too, but we as a population are relied on to be sufficiently anti-immigrant and white supremacist as a whole to act as a vast system of informal prison guards who police the imperialist capitalist heartlands as supporters, preservers, and reinforcers of our country’s imperialism.

Racism is a kind of imperialism, only there is no white motherland anymore. Nonetheless white people gather in enclaves and associate selectively only with other white people and thereby continue to think as a white nation.

One might think one will see the pure communist arise in history, someone from the future who will do the exact right, most enlightened and simultaneously strategically flawless, Marx-wise thing at every point. But who is that pure person? The Buddha? Jesus? Lenin? Mao? These all did very different things, but they seem to have pushed the world toward communism.

The exact rightest, most Marx-wise thing for an individual person to do differs a great deal from person to person. One can’t live as a memory–one has to live life as a person, moment to moment in a line of very specific places and times, so to seek to be titled like those are doesn’t make sense. What makes sense is realizing that, as foundational communist theoretician Marx pointed out, the system that exists can only be taken as a whole, and each person’s behavior influences everyone else’s–so one should just be a good presence-seeker and a good communist as best one can determine for oneself. Nothing more is required or even possible.