It’s true that to equalize the per capita wealth of this planet and equalize access to the means of production, the material standards of life for workers in the developed world would fall, at least in certain ways. No more car life. No more cheap consumer goods. There’s really just no getting around that. We are bribed (how, exactly, specifically, I am still trying to figure out), and under global socialism we would have to give up the bribe. Otherwise we will be the capitalists.

So how can you get a working class of whom that is true to nevertheless organize against capitalism?

Well, how do we stand to gain? In meaningfulness of life, work, and politics; in personal liberties; in material security; in freedom from fear, violence, and oppression; in the ability to have realistic hopes for the future; in the flourishing of all other individuals; in conscience in knowing our existence is not contributing to or complicit in someone’s oppression.

For us to be patriotic in any way is to be traitors to earth’s working class.