This reddit comment got me thinking about video games. I spent SO MUCH TIME playing video games. If we ever get to socialism, I kind of think/hope they might disappear.

It occurs to me that things like video games and TV emerge in history when large parts of people’s being (and by that I mean their, like, whole set of natural motivations) are just totally useless. There’s nothing for most kids and teenagers to do that’s of any productive or real value in our society. They are useless. If children and teenagers could instead participate in some productive way in our society, some way that would lead in to fuller and more competent participation, they wouldn’t get used to living in La-La Land, completely maladapted to the real world.

There’s an argument that video games are fun–of course. But fun is not some simple thing, fun is not just pure euphoria. Here’s an illustrative graphic.


The point is that video games are engaging. They provide meaningful stimulation. In a world where children and teenagers could get in in some way on the running of the community and society, we could wouldn’t have near-complete atomization as our current society does.

Well, not to worry. As the resources run out–if they run out slowly enough that we don’t have a massive war and all die–we’ll have to go back to doing a lot more things with manual labor. That should provide plenty of real opportunities for the young to be meaningfully involved.