Posted this as a FB status a few days ago, but reposting here for a variety of reasons:

In 15 or 20 years—maybe 10—due to oil and other resource shortages, there will be a massive economic crisis that will dwarf the Great Recession. From there, it will only get worse.

No government in the world is capable of taking the necessary actions to ramp down our collective energy use and move to a truly sustainable economy. This is because all the governments in the world are controlled by the super-rich, who work together to ensure that every government supports their one collective goal: maximizing short-term profits.

The sooner we achieve real democracy, the sooner we can begin to avoid this catastrophe.

But we won't get real democracy with campaign finance reform or even another form of voting. No reform within the system is enough. The super-rich control every government in the world because WEALTH IS POWER. They have most of the wealth, and they act in unison to guarantee themselves short-term profits. No matter what restrictions we put in place under capitalism, they can and will be subverted by the concentrated wealth of the super-rich of the world.

The only way to reach real democracy is by moving to a system that does not increase wealth concentration. Capitalism is about to threaten the existence of our species. You will live to see this planet descend into hell if we don't replace capitalism with socialism.