some thoughts on overcoming a fear of death:

when you think of your "I," when you ask yourself "who am I?" especially in light of the fear of death, fear of loss of the ability to experience the world "as yourself," take that notion that you then have in your mind of who that "yourself" is that you are so concerned about experiencing the world as.

what if that "yourself" is always what it feels like you're experiencing the world as, whether you are a stray breeze or a brain. that no matter how tight or loose the eddie that is selfness, the feeling that you are indeed you is not one that can ever go away.

and some have even suggested that the attributes that the mind discerns within itself–that is, when one makes the finest-grained, can't-ever-come-even-close-to-having-words-for-such-subtle-details assessment one can of one's "personality," one's "disposition"–are the attributes of the "mind" that "created" the universe, of "god's" mind, and that "you," the little fractal island/eddie of godmind, shall one day, at the conclusion of a continuous and unbroken consciousness that goes right on unbroken through your death (and, granted, perhaps also through a truly mind-boggling number of permutations of universes and mathiverses and eddying within eddying), return to being the complete god–that you and i and all of us shall again become god complete one day. and that you shall never all-the-way die at any point before or after because the universe, in existing at all, demonstrates that it's not possible for existence to all-the-way end.