The best any liberal or social democrat hopes for is a New Deal. Well, we already had one and they took it away. If that’s all you ever hope to achieve, you are advocating for a sandcastle. Whether you think it’s probable that it can be achieved or not, understand that socialism is the only achievement that, if achieved, won’t just be rolled back. Even the liberal’s (or social democrat’s) wildest fantasy is a sandcastle.

The reports released by the most wealthy and therefore most prestigious think tanks are the ones covered by prestigious newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Since a nation’s livelihood depends heavily on how well its economy is functioning, to some extent elected officials must feel an obligation to do whatever the biggest businesspeople—who successfully insinuate themselves as unquestionably the most knowledgeable authorities about what will create a good economy—say they should do.

One expert from the wealthiest ultraconservative think tank and one from the wealthiest moderate-conservative (“socially liberal”) think tank—that’s who appears before Congress.

Experts from the most wealthy and therefore most prestigious think tanks, that’s who fill the federal advisory committees.

The more thoroughly a policy undermines the profitability of capitalism (“hurts business”—”restricts free enterprise”), the broader and more complex the coalition of generally respectable agencies and institutions will come together to oppose it.

To “concentrate power in Washington” is to give the government enforceable power over corporations.

They preside over the current brutal world order and constantly reinforce it at the margins with violence. They have no ethical qualm against mass brutality to enforce their order. A friend of mine recently argued they wouldn’t commit violence against the American voting population itself, but that’s only because it hasn’t been necessary. If it became necessary, we would cease to be voters so that they could do with us whatever seemed most prudent to safeguard the American Republic and the rule of law.