I am increasingly convinced that this stage of history is drawing to a close and that people will soon collectively awaken to reject the right of the wealthy few to rule over us with as much outrage as they once rejected that right of kings and nobles. To those who have seen through the smokescreen, it is plain as day–and it is becoming plainer. History will vindicate socialism because the real name of socialism is liberty.

This is something I wrote on July 2, 2012 but never posted. I have not edited it since that writing. Seemed worth posting if only for a few good turns of phrase, especially those I've bolded at the end.

The empty diet that Babylon feeds my relatives and what it feeds the people i grew up around–an empty world, hollow, backstage hallways fucking tvs and and huge suburbs and SUVs, this whole fucking swindle, all this shit that serves to oppress the rest of the world–and get it straight, i mean really fucks over on a day to day basis to a degree that we ought to be a-fucking-shamed of billions of people in the rest of the world, starves them, tricks them, sells them, and all this goes on with our money and our economy and OUR MILITARY–and therefore with our complicity.

They fill our heads with this distracting bullshit. They really do. We let them. We let ourselves drool over it all the while deeply and disaffected and dissatisfied. We do this–suburban America does this–and it’s because we’re living in this fucked up system that insists on its corrupt political system and its skull-hollowing bullshit entertainment.

Good god, the world is laughing at us, and rightfully. Look at what we’ve done with our great wealth. we’ve sat on the fucking couch and watched the fucking television. what a shitty thing to do: commodify the people and swindle the wealth away from the whole world for centuries and then say, “OH I’M SO SORRY.” and then sit down and watch the shit we put on television these days.

the shit on reddit every day. the memes and shit, this vapid shit filling people’s minds.


another world is possible and we can turn to embrace it, or, complicit with Babylon, we can keep our addictions at the cost of the great truth of our world, of our being, of us as a species–because if you follow the history, you must concede that this world is not just, its continued existence in this arrangement is unjust, and we are unjust for allowing ourselves to be complicit with the system.

the only alternative is to renounce it and stand truly equal as a person among people and be ready to hear what EVERYONE says and be ready to be a part in what gets built, but no more or less a part than anyone else. and that alone is hard for the privileged person to choke down–that’s close to the core of the difficulty: we alone don’t realize that the history we tell ourselves is bullshit. most of the world knows it, but white folks don’t know it–that the story is a lie designed to make us worship the 1%. the idea that there's this glimmering mass of whiteness–that we all have a culture in common. and though it wasn't true, people fell for it, and from that point out committed the worst acts ever committed.

and so with that history at my back, my immediate back, that history that is my present ongoing, where the world even this very second is fucking people over. and i have no community and only fragments of a family, and while i have managed to find a culture in music and literature, that shit's not a full culture. not until i'm around people making it, not until i'm feeling it, not until all of us who like it and do it are doing it together.

of people, but what the fuck is my culture? the internet. the commodity. i don’t want these fucking trinkets, but i do concede that it is people like the people who raised me who made all this shit. where I even come from is something i don’t fully understand yet. but where we are is nowhere, splintered, on our couches, no community. And the community of the rich is a kind of throat-constricted exultation, a mutual indulgence in the infantile notion that it’s unnecessary  to ever consider the world beyond the country club doors. big pink fucking babies, just want to be pampered and stroked and told they’re so fucking powerful. fuck those motherfuckers, whoever that was, whoever it was that wanted that in the world–and that’s babylon, that right there is whati’m saying, fuck that beast that got into the anglo saxon people, that came to them from rome, that came to them from greece, fuck that whole dominating spirit, fuck babylon.

so anyway.

My point is that every person must find a way to change, to understand oneself as part of the community and not as part of the White Whole, America. we must overthrow both major parties and let the government be commanded by the people. and we need to refind and refound our communities, we need to find each other in this world, to find and affiliate and get ready. Because this is Rainbow and Occupy, this is what we’ve already started to do. We need to get back in touch with the truth about ourselves and who we are. And here's the fucking crux–when it comes down to it, poor folks and marginalized folks aren’t marginalized for nothing–somebody’s always at the other end getting the profit. Now maybe nobody rigged it up that way–but it is more or less the FBI's and the CIA's and Congress's and the President’s JOB to run things that way. The whole fucking thing is a mask the 1% are wearing. It's got us in its mouth, its mouth that is made of us. We are the teeth it uses to destroy our flesh. We are the people we've been being killed by. We have got to own it, and got to do our best to lose it, and to try to find freedom with and power with–not power over–in solidarity with the people of the world.