What is the relationship between loneliness and boredom?

What is the relationship between boredom and fun?

What are the relationships amongst fun, happiness, and joy?

What is addiction, and what is addiction's place in the United States?

What can be meaningfully said and learned about being "in touch with" one's emotions and desires?

Is there such a thing as being a good person–and if not, in performing good actions? And if not, are there any other ways the existence of goodness might be understood?

What is gratefulness?

How shall we imagine what it will be like to die and to continue in existence as whatever we "have become" which is no longer "ourselves" once we are dead?

What is gentleness?

What is it to be comfortable with oneself?

What does a self-actualized person seem like?

Does everyone feel fear, or are there waking humans who never experience it? Are there people who have "healthier" relationships with fear? What are they and those like?

What is cruelty? What gives rise to cruel behavior in the human mind or heart or soul?

How shall we create a mass movement of people who are down to institute a radically powerful and empowering social safety net (trampoline) and work toward real and true socialization of the means of production? How shall we most profoundly liberate ourselves?

Is there such a thing as non-attached* love? If so, what is the nature of non-attached love?

(* in the Buddhist sense)

What is shame's place in the lives of United Statians?

How shall we create a mass movement to take over the banks, run them like utilities, and enrich the people with their profits (maybe at least partially in the form of a basic income)?

How shall we decrease the oligopoly and increase the democracy in our political system? How shall we change the role of finance in political campaigns? How shall we break the hold of two-party politics on the United States–or the hold of whatever the underlying cause is of which two-party politics is a manifestation? Is instant-runoff voting viable?

How shall we get the work-week lowered to 30 hours?

How shall the United States's borders be brought completely open?

What must we do to immediately start making sure everyone can eat?

Maybe Babylon could be described as a huge fear that is come amongst us humans. One great mass of fear echoing perennially and continuously throughout the population. And it’s twisted us and reproduced itself by making monsters of us to various degrees–made us people who have reacted to our fear by learning to use fear against others. I think we all probably do it a little bit. It is so common in our world to find people acting in this way that it’s hard not to internalize it a little bit even as we attempt to cease to act that way as an essential part of beginning to undo this collective fear.