who said we wasn’t dying of thirst?

“And your plans only can pan around love
You love him, you love them, you love her
You love so much, you love when love hurts
You love red bottom and gold with the sequin
You love hand-bag on the waist of your jean
You love french tip and trip that pay for
You love bank slip that tell you we paid more
You love a good hand whenever the card dealt
But what love got to do with it when you don’t love yourself?
. . .
You love fast cars and dead presidents old
You love fast women, you love keepin’ control
Of everything you love, you love beef
You love streets, you love runnin’, duckin’ police
You love your hood, might even love it to death
But what love got to do with it when you don’t love yourself?”
—Kendrick Lamar, “I’m Real”

A synonym for horny.”
Definition found on Urban Dictionary

“Throughout the entire album, “thirst” appears over and over, each time taking on a new meaning/desire in Kendrick’s mind. He thinks he wants sex. He thinks he wants material goods. He thinks he wants to be a tough gangster. He thinks he wants to be a big drinker. Over and over, he’s thirsting, and it just keeps making things worse for everyone around him. It’s only at the end that he realizes what the problem is- the whole city is dying of thirst. Everybody is making the same stupid mistakes and risks, and it’s getting them nowhere. So, he gives up the chase, and he embraces his “holy water.””
Comment found on reddit

yes, very simply, i can’t live in this world without trying to do something to help the misery i see everywhere. this i how i understand my adulthood–to take responsibility for the world i live in, understanding my place in it and trying to return the good that has been given to me. if i’m talking feminism and socialism and you ask what this middle-class white male’s secret selfish motive is, i tell you plain: for my own fucking soul.

and–though i can’t speak for anyone else–for me, i have plenty of option to massively indulge in the million addictive spectacles, but back when i did that, i found i secretly loathed part of myself–lived in a deep and shameful disappointment with myself. i knew of my privilege but couldn’t see the price i was paying for it in a vastly cheapened life.

and so when i found out that i had been lied to about socialism and feminism, that they are not life-destroying but life-loving and life-affirming, i realized i had been suckered by the system. and so for my own self-respect, and for my own love of the life in myself and everywhere on earth, hell yes i’m gonna work against the systems by which we are all alienated from our lives and from love, hell yes i’m gonna try to become a real adult in the face of the patriarchy that wants me an infantile arrogant narcissist, hell yes i renounce a life of distraction as a degradation.

i think most people in our society, regardless of what they say, feel that same profound disappointment with themselves–because it is impossible not to notice the misery, even if we’re very good at ignoring it consciously–and hell yes i will try to bring them the cure that worked for me.