yeah, okay, here it is. right now the gun of the state is pointed at everyone and allows various things to be done. right? so we’re all under coercion. now, if you took away the gun’s defending the factories and capital of the hyper-rich, the people would just seize that property. and that would not be violence, that would be liberation.

so you can tell me that yeah, using the gun of the state to take taxes is exploitative of the rich, and i will agree. but since the gun of the state is backing up all the current property relations, the gun of the state is also pointed right at the poor person and says, “there is only one way to get food, and if you don’t go about it that way, you will be imprisoned.”

so sure, we never need to lose sight of the fact that the state in all its operations is a gun. we just need to point out also that the gun is saying a great many other things besides “give us your taxes, rich people.” it’s also standing there defending factories and shit. if the government gave the hyper-rich a bill for the police services they really received, pretty soon government’s funding problems would be over.

that is, it’s like the idea that we are all bearing coercion right now, and it’s not a question of originating new coercions where there quite simply were none, it’s about finding a way to rearrange society so that we’re all less coerced–or, barring that, so that some who are currently extremely coerced become much less coerced and some who are currently barely coerced at all (or who, currently, profit from the coercion of others so much more than they are coerced) become ever so slightly more coerced. so if your philosophy says to maximize liberty, i agree–let’s fucking do it, and let’s start at those people who are maximally coerced.