On the return of (the truth about and message of the historical) Jesus

We really have to extract Jesus from Christianity. I love the Jesus, but I do think, even from the first, that people began to pollute and reinterpret and alter his messages. Paul said some interesting stuff, but we shouldn’t trust him or anyone else when it comes to getting a theology out of Jesus’s message. All I want from Jesus–just as it can be said that all we ever GET from the Buddha–is praxis: how to be good, how to die to self/sin/pride/greed and be reborn in humility/love/Brahman.

All that other shit, God hating homosexuality and abortion and all that–that was not shit Jesus ever said. So I believe there’s room in mass culture for a revolutionary book that makes biblical criticism available to the masses with the suggestion that Christianity has betrayed Jesus, and offering Jesus’s simple, profound, and beautiful message to everyday Americans. I think that would break the back of one of the worst cultural phenomena in the world right now: the arrogant fearmongering of those who currently claim Christ’s heritage.