What is laziness?

What is possessiveness?

To some extent, all thought is deceitful–or is deceit. Meditation is.a way of apprenhending–that is, of perceiving and being so totally present to something that one does indeed grok it. Or rather, it is an apprenhension like none other in which no thing is grokked and yet apprehension occurs.

So meditate and give yourself a break from something otherwise totally incessant.

What if anything is it to deceive oneself? Is there or can there be an art or science or practice or gaining-an-understanding-of how to avoid deceiving oneself?

You have the same face as everyone–everything in the universe has the same face. The same pattern is repeated everywhere. It is all God’s face. The whole universe–the universe at every point at every scale in every location–is the pupil/ear/sense-nerve and the formless mind/sensitivity that lies behind it/the infinitely-complexly-formed pattern of complexities it feeds into, that is all of our faces–the shape of the universe as a whole. That is what all faces resemble and that is what all minds resemble and it fractal-like resembles itself on every level. The only everything there could be. Perhaps the only way nothing could fail to have existed is if somehow everything existed instead. What would it mean to say that literally everything existed, even things that seem logically contradictory or logically ridiculous? What if it happened that the only structure that could ever have existed in the first place is what is–and it is–the case, a situation of simultaneously all-forms and no-form? The world seems seeded with such amazing potential–shit, since we are only a very complicated math problem and since Russell successfully proved numbers from groups, we are implicit in the logical laws. So even before spacetime there is the separator–the knower, the mind, the decider, the one and only intellect, the one and only discernment in the universe, and from this, which is consciousness, which is all-form and no-form, the distinctionless/all-distincted mind-spirit-deitude-consciousness distinction-drawer, is the only possible shape because it is the one thing which is also all the possible shapes and the fact of their possibility. All one thing which is also no thing which is also the clear void, the no-thing. The only thing which is completely and utterly true and false.

To some extent all thought is deceit, but if we are god and can make what we imagine come true, what is deceit?

Is it meaningful to speak of god as innocent or pure?

What is complicatedness?

What is it to speak of someone’s complicatedness?

Meaningful to say, “How could there be anything wrong with you–you’re God?”

Reminded now of [xxxx] saying, “Of course, there’s nothing right with you either.” Got to ask her about this.

Human beings are tornados, a whirling of unending change around the empty center, the pupil, the mind.

There are only empty centers in the universe because there are no centers in real life because it’s all only loci, not real shapes, besides the one and only all-shape/shapeless-nothing/bright void there is.